To the business owner who’s looking for the safest, risk-free way to
jaw-dropping fortune…
The very secret powering billionaire riches in the face of economic upheaval… Introducing...
The GEMINI key to unlock your
business as THE catalyst for Financial Freedom and generational wealth.
 Even in the face of economic uncertainty,
turmoil and doom!

“Wiet and Alex…. You’re doing it wrong!”

Roared Robert Kiyosaki from across the table.

The living legend’s booming voice was heard across the room, and curious heads turned in our direction.

We were red-faced with shame… Wanting the ground to swallow us whole.

After all, we were enjoying a luxurious Carribean cruise surrounded by some of the highest profile entrepreneurs and investors in the world.

Now, we were exposed and naked.

Yet…This humiliation gave us...

THE launchpad for the business of our dreams and lifestyle of our wildest imagination

Even in Slowdowns and Recessions

In a moment, we’re about to share that secret with you, where once unlocked…
  • You’re no longer WRECKED with anxiety… Where no level of instability and disruption can mess with your serenity. In fact…
  • You can gleefully capitalise on these opportunities and either boost your profits or grow your investment portfolio -- you choose…
  • As you step into the glorious vision of independence, adventure and security which drove you to pursue your crazy entrepreneurial dreams in the first place, because…
That astonishing reality of financial freedom is FAR closer than you think… And the riches are surprisingly found in your own backyard. 
Alex and Wiet
Wiet and Alex
Founders, Beyond Entrepreneurs
Dear Business Owner,

My name is Alex, and together with my business partner Wiet we are  successful 7-figure entrepreneurs.

You see, after that fateful day… We took the startling secret Kiyosaki revealed that day and implemented it. The results are…

Spectacular success in an extremely short time!

These achievements include:

In a moment, we’re about to share that secret with you, where once unlocked…
  • Scaling a business from 0 to $4 million in 3 years.
  • Investing alongside the Colombian government to earn a 22X return on investment in 5 years.
  • ​​Developing a robust international network of mentors, investors, advisors and entrepreneurs.
  • ​Obtaining multiple passports and residencies, drastically reducing our taxes.
  • ​Starting an award-winning philanthropic program
Sophie Leightley
" As a woman, I always felt that investing was nothing for me, but now I feel that I finally start making my own decisions and investments. Thank you so much! "
Chi Wei
" I am a huge fan of what they are putting out with Beyond Entrepreneurs because now more than ever, it is vital to be more than a regular entrepreneur. The Gemini Secret they revealed to me really changed my life! "
Michael O’Donnel 
"The Gemini Secret has drastically changed my perspective on business and investing. I have booked great results as a consequence of following their methods, advice, and of course, the Gemini Masterclass!"
Kenneth Yu
I learn more here than in most high-priced programs. Keep doing it and thank you for the Gemini Masterclass! It truly is a secret that I am not going to reveal to anybody! "
Nico Milis  
" My business is doing even better, and I’m building investments stronger than ever! Thanks guys, and keep getting this message out there! "
Kristina Palovicova
" Wiet and Alex helped us to be more authentic and truthful to what we really stand for. That has lead to many more successes in the business! I truly recommend them, they’re awesome! "
Nicolas Kesteloot (BE)
Kristina Palovicova  (SK)
Andreas Schantz  (GER)
If you’re still reading this… It means you’re probably looking for the same thing.

In fact, you may be running a business of some kind. You have done the hard yards. Poured in those late nights thanks to endless caffeine and an insatiable drive.

Thankfully, you may even have achieved a degree of success. Meaning your hard work wasn’t in vain.

Yet, you may have already hit a ceiling of complexity you can’t seem to break through.

The unreasonable clients… The crazy deadlines… The cash-flow management.

So draining!

Or worse…

You see the writing on the wall

In a recent February article, Harvard Business Review predicted there’s an astronomically high chance 2020 will be the year of an extensive global recession. And numerous reputable industry publications have echoed that sentiment. 

After all, you’d probably experienced the vulnerability with your own eyes, ears and hands. 

A single Trump Tweet can cause significant damage. Or one of those crazy trade war developments. Or more recently, pandemics...

With entire industries collapsing under the weight of the Covid-19 panic.

Governments make idiotic policy decisions all the time that can ravage your wallet

And don’t get me started on competitors invading the marketplace -- boasting cheaper, quicker and faster

As a seasoned entrepreneur, you know however great your business is right now, the good times don’t last forever. 

And you need a way out, pronto

You’re seeking a way to generate lasting wealth. Generational wealth.

And let us assure you… You don’t need to go beyond your business to hit that goal.
  • You don’t need another sales funnel.
  • ​You don’t need another business opportunity. 
  • ​You certainly don’t need another bright shiny object.
What you already have is MORE THAN enough
So there are 2 common ways to proceed… Yet they come with significant pitfalls. 

1) Continue to enhance the cash-flow. However, it seems like an endless hamster wheel of battling escalating costs and fluid consumer demand. Therefore your business becomes the job you attempted to escape from.

2) Cash out with an exit. But as you probably know… The stars need to align and so many things need to go right before that even remotely becomes a possibility. A 2017 study funded by the Exit Planning Institute highlights a 19.2% chance that your business will be sold. And that’s only after 15-20 years. 

That’s decades of drudgery. Who knows what else will happen in these crazy times?

What if I told you…

There’s a 3rd FAR better, easier, safer way to grab hold of Financial Freedom?

Surprisingly, this breakthrough begins when… 

Wiet was having a terrible, no-good, very bad year in 2014. 

In his words…
Alex and Wiet
5 years ago, one of my companies was failing. It was an extraordinary venture. The biggest I had ever embarked upon. And the one where I invested the most funds in. In the end, I lost close to a million. It was the first million I had ever made, and I lost it all in two years’ time. I ended up closing down the company and taking my losses. I felt horrible, and actually, still today I rather don’t think of it again.
Even though Wiet is based in Belgium, what plagued his company is the same thing that confounds most entrepreneurs.

You spill blood, sweat and tears to build your company. And after all that toil... Taming demanding clients... Hiring lousy staff… Riding the extreme ups and downs of the economic waves… You come to realise…

Growing is bleeding!  

In the effort to expand, you take on a lot more stress and cash-flow crunches. Then guess what… 

You’re actually more miserable than the early struggling days!

But here’s the good news. 

With what we’re about to show you... You’re about to uncover… 

The quickest, YET most predictable way to leverage your business for creating massive wealth. Because fortunately…

The story didn’t end there

After that major million dollar setback… Wiet hunkered down and rebuilt his business. In 2 years, he rebounded to where he was before. Back to the 7-figure income level.

Still it was hard work, and he was downright exhausted. 

He thought to himself… 

“Am I going to face a lifetime of this?”

Alas, coming back and overcoming adversity one-time is a feat to be celebrated. But twice? 3 times? The thought of it was downright depressing. 

As motivational speaker Steven Furtig says, “You don’t want another victory. Because you don’t want another battle.” Indeed, war is hell.

And then came that fateful Seabourn Odyssey Caribbean Cruise that changed everything…

When Wiet first heard about it, Wiet seized the opportunity to have some much needed R&R. Plus he got to spend time with his then-new family as well. 

He also got to mingle with some of the world’s finest business minds. 

What a sweet deal!

That’s where me and Wiet struck a life-long friendship. 

And that’s when we met Mr. Kiyosaki together. He took a shining to us. And took us like eager young pups under his wing. 

He asked us to show him how we generated income for our businesses. 

When we revealed it to him -- his brows started furrowing.

That’s when he exploded… Exclaiming we were doing it all wrong. 

Shocked… We asked him what he meant. 

He took a deep breath and said…

“ The real rich go Gemini! 

We looked at each other and scratched our heads.

“Oh really… So it boils down to your birth sign?”

Well it wasn’t.. Mr. Kiyosaki explained what Going Gemini meant.

It was the very secret powering multi-millionaires and billionaires fortunes.  It was knowledge reserved for the top 0.1%.

Where even the upper-middle class don’t have a clue!

Robert continued…

Gemini is defined as the twin constellation. Ying and Yang. Black and white. 2 sides of the same coin. Duality.

In wealth terms… It’s a person who’s both entrepreneur AND investor.

You see… most people are either-or.
  • They’re either entrepreneurs. Who focus on building business
  • Or they are investors. Who focus on timing the market. 
However, there’s exponential synergy when both disciplines are combined.

Therefore, Going Gemini means…
  • Rapidly growing your business with sound fundamentals. 
  • ​And then using that cashflow to make savvy investments and acquiring assets.
  • ​​Often groundfloor deals that the market doesn’t have access to, yet create explosive growth…  
We started to nod and smile, beginning to understand.  

Then Robert shared a stunning revelation that blew our minds.

“If Jeff Bezos were to lose Amazon today, he would still be a billionaire”

In 1998, four years after founding Amazon, Jeff Bezos made a personal investment in what was a relatively obscure search engine company at the time.

Convinced the Internet was the next big trend that would change everything, Bezos thought search engines would play a massive role in the way we navigate the internet.

So taking some of his personal savings, he invested $250,000 in exchange for 3.3 million shares of a nascent search engine company.

You might have heard of this search engine. It still exists today - and it’s called Google.

And today...

Jeff Bezos’ $250,000 investment in Google from 1998 is worth over $6 billion today.

In other words - even if Jeff Bezos had never started Amazon, he would still be a billionaire.

There’s a crazy 2,399,900% ROI!

Imagine what even a fraction of that return will mean for your life!

That’s the power of Going Gemini… Where you are both an entrepreneur and investor.

Are you starting to see the power of this yet?

In summary, Bezos went Gemini. He didn’t just build his own company - he invested in high growth assets with the capital he had generated.

And going Gemini made him a billionaire.

Now, you may not care for opulent wealth. 
But what can a massive cash infusion in the millions do for:
  • Your family?
  • ​Your lifestyle?
  • Your retirement?
What we’re about to show you is not just theory, it’s a method used by nearly every single billionaire.

Bill Gates. Richard Branson. Elon Musk -- the whole lot. 

Now here’s the big problem!

You may know how to grow your company. However you don’t know how to reinvest it for wealth.

And we don’t blame you.

After all, most investment opportunities or training in the market posses this ONE big glaring trait:

They are simply NOT catered for entrepreneurs! Here’s 3 reasons why:

1. The recommended investments are WAY too active. 

Frankly, most investment strategies on the market appeal to the unemployed.

Forex. Stocks. Crypto. These things are volatile and you need to be at the computer 24/7. Confined to the house.

Passive income, our foot. 

While they can be part of a Gemini’s portfolio, we honestly have FAR bigger fish to fry. I mean look at how much Jeff Bezos made?

Plus, the results are not worth taking time away from your business… A piddling 3% here… 5% there -- and that's the best case scenario. 

While we do admit the stock market was booming the last decade, that gravy train has stopped. Because of the inverted yield curve that just happened…

It’s a fancy economics term that indicates a recession, and therefore predicts a bear market. Furthermore...

2. They don’t take advantage of geometric growth

You’d probably heard the compound interest cliche already.

If you start with a penny and double it every day, you’ll get…

5 million bucks after 30 days!

However, that’s la-la land fantasy for the average customer. Because if you invest peanuts, you profit peanuts.

Most people won’t have a large enough capital to put the magic of compound interest to full effect.  

However, as entrepreneurs we possess some fancy superpowers.

Namely, we have the immense ability to summon finances on command… That’s why we’re so potent as investors… That’s why Going Gemini is the simple secret to wealth.

Of course, that’s provided you know what to do and fix the systems in place… In order to create the economic engine.

Thus making the doubling of pennies to millions ENTIRELY possible.

And no matter how diversified, all of them ignore the single biggest wealth builder of them all. In other words...

3. They neglect the single biggest source of investment returns...

Specifically, the ownership of other profitable companies.

Let me explain.

If you can find talented people building wonderful businesses in huge growth markets and invest in what they do, you can literally generate life-changing returns… more than you ever can by working for money.

That’s what Jeff Bezos - and all other great investors - have realized, and it's a foundational pillar of our philosophy for going Gemini:

You likely won’t earn your way to billions - but you can invest your way there.

That’s because ownership is the real key to long-term wealth. Compounding your money by owning productive enterprises can make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

That’s how Jeff Bezos became a billionaire on his Google investment ALONE.

But you don’t have to be lucky - or be Jeff Bezos - to get these kinds of returns.
You just have to know what to look for - and where to look.
And in a moment, you’re about to find out how.

For the first time ever… You’re about to gain access to business and income growth strategies only employed by the sharpest entrepreneurial minds.

Boy, your life is about to change!

So without further ado… .


12 Billionaire Blueprints to lasting,
Risk-Free Financial Freedom 

The Gemini Masterclass is a stay-at-home 6-week online course (especially relevant in the Corona-virus era…)  

It’s JAM-PACKED with business growth and investment wisdom we gleaned from investment legends Robert Kiyosaki, Simon Black and Peter Schiff.

You get 24/7 access to an online member area where you get access to 12 painstakingly detailed yet visually inspiring Billionaire Blueprints, setting the foundation for your “so-bright-you-need-to-wear-shades” future - divided into 4 Essential Pillars. 

In the eight transformational weeks, you’ll get a deep dive into:

1. The Venture Fund pillar

a. Barbell Strategy Blueprint: Speculation has a bad rep. However, it’s an all-powerful tool for astronomical returns. How to do it without losing your shirt.

b. Venture Setup Blueprint: The exact accounts, tools and methodologies used to start your venture fund.

c. Venture Allocation Blueprint: The precise asset allocation to maximise your returns in the coming years. This 1 trick can add an additional 227% increase upon retirement.

2. The Financial Freedom Fund pillar

a. FFF Strategy Blueprint: The quickest, easiest way to amass cashflow that feeds you for life.

b. FFF Setup Blueprint: The quickest, easiest way to de-risk effectively.

c. FFF Allocation Blueprint: The optimal asset allocation to feed you for years to come.

3. The Cash-Flowing Business pillar

a. The Cashflow Creation Blueprint: How to keep the revenues coming -- even in disruptive seasons.

b. The Tax-Efficient Blueprint:  Did you know that 83% of business success lies in structure? Specifically… An unorthodox system that ensures maximal tax savings. Ignore at your peril.

c. AMP Blueprint: How to amplify your profits by generating leads on command.

4. The High-Value Network pillar 

a. Circle Breakthrough Blueprint: How to penetrate the elite clubs with the who’s who, where the best deals lie.

b. Crowdfunded Profits Blueprint: Did you know the most exponential deals are not found in retail? How to go beyond stocks, bonds and shares.

c. The Basement Floor Blueprint: The exact checklist to access lucrative deals that could become the next Uber, Google and Facebook.
By the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll be empowered to Go Gemini. Where you learn how to:
  • Rapidly grow your business so you have freed-up ample capital to deploy…
  • For the most lucrative investment opportunities that retail investors don’t even know exist.
  • Without the worry and anxiety that come with monitoring volatile market conditions.
Doesn’t that sound ideal?

And here’s another compelling reason why you should enrol:

We’re about to launch the Gemini Circle. That’s a private investment group specially catered to entrepreneur-investors.

You see, Wiet and I have access to deals. Really promising private equity ones -- on the ground floor level.

While we can’t promise you the next Google or Apple… Even though that’s entirely a possibility.

You can potentially beat the measly returns in the stock market.

However, here's the main prerequisite to join the Gemini circle...

You MUST complete the Gemini Masterclass first.

While we are your single best resource for breathtaking entrepreneurial-friendly deals. We want to equip you so you can make informed decisions on your own.

So you don’t fall into the trap of blindly following the blind.

Are you starting to get excited yet?

Let’s pause right here for a second…

Admittedly, the world of investing seems daunting, even insurmountable at times. You may feel it's impossible unless you’re one of the few with built-in discipline, loads of free time and a mathematical mind… It can be a struggle to trudge through every single principle and internalise every single principle without some major outside motivation.

It’s far, FAR easier than it looks. And with the right principles, your income levels will be accelerated through the roof.

That’s why Wiet and I are prepared to be your accountability partner, business coach and investment mentor all rolled into one. In other words…

You'll be taken by the hand and shown exactly what to do, step-by-step, until you succeed! 

But it won't happen totally on its own... and obviously I'm not going to do all of the work for you. 

You'll need to put in a mere 2 hours each week  for each lesson. You have to get the system right.

And here’s the commitment...

We will PERSONALLY walk through the ENTIRE program with you… Week after week… Lesson after lesson… Until you become the ultimate Gemini.

If you're willing to pay the price, to invest a few hours towards creating the life of your dreams... if you'll try something new — you'll find it to be the closest thing to an exact science as ever existed for creating generational wealth -- untouched by turbulence.

Immune to robbery by politicians, competitors and act-of-God.

So here’s the deal...

“Alex & Wiet, How Much is it?”

Well, you can first do the math.

Have you ever made a bad investment? Advice from your taxi driver or a well-meaning uncle?

Then you would know how easy it is to lose your shirt! Where you go in all excited and exit in bitter disappointment.

If the Gemini Masterclass helps you to save even USD997 by preventing you to make stupid investments… That will be worth it, right?

Or how about this?

The average investment conference has a going rate of around $2000. Is it good material? Probably. Can it change your life? Maybe.

Unfortunately, the effect is ad-hoc. Meaning you get a whole bunch of separate strategies but you may not know how to put it together. That’s because they assume you already have some level of sophistication..

In other words, conferences are useful for picking up random “hot stock tips”, but nearly worthless in creating a sustainable portfolio that makes money for you while you sleep. Thus, you may become a junkie, going from conference to conference to get your fix… Spending tens of thousands in the process.

Or worse, what if the conference doesn’t deliver? You know… The kind of stage atrocities where your mind is so full your ears are bleeding at the end, and you only vaguely remember what they've just taught you.

Here’s the real tragedy…

You’re in the same place where you started – whatever the case.

And what about those investment newsletters?

We’ll let you in on a dirty little secret.

The hit-rate is abysmally low.

Why? Because you’re trusting the fund manager rather than your own instinct. With their very own biases and flaws.

On other other hand, with Gemini Masterclass, you’re the very same mental models used by the Billionaires to generate wealth.

Here’s the deal…

You definitely won’t be splashing $24,000 for the highest end investment newsletters – that’s highway robbery.

You won’t even be paying $10,000, even though that’s probably worth it.

And you won’t pay $2,000 either – the price of a one-off conference.

In fact, your investment is an affordable $997.

With 12 secret billionaire blueprints, that breaks down to a measly 83 bucks a session. For the price of an acceptable steak dinner at a non-Michelin restaurant, you’ll be getting a powerful resource to blast your earnings to the moon.

Heck, you pay more at Wolfgang Puck.

And with the Gemini secrets you’re about to receive, you’ll be enjoying Michelin-level meals for YEARS to come.

How amazing is that?

And in case you’re still on the fence…

Here’s some invaluable bonuses to sweeten the deal:

A Monthly Q&A Call

We answer all your questions - live ($997)

You get a monthly call where members can ask questions and where we go into the details of the Billionaire Blueprints. You will also special tips and strategies too sensitive to be written in the Blueprint

You see, a lot of investment intel is need-to-know. It’s not meant to be public knowledge. But you’re getting that first-hand with the Q&A’s. . 

And wait there’s more.

BONUS #1:  

The Gemini Calculator ($697)

As complex as high upside investment seems, the main thing really boils down to the maths. Get it correct, and you can predict profit with near Nostradamus accuracy. Provided you get the calculations from the experts… The ones who beat the market consistently.

Well, these algorithms have been out-of-reach to the average person, until now that is. Thanks to our access to the highest places, we’re now able to give you the very calculator used by the savviest of players to make millions of dollars. 

And wait there’s more.

BONUS #2:  

The Gemini Brainstrust ($2,497)

An exclusive online area with brokerage accounts, bank accounts, internet security, etc. Things we spent 13 years acquiring are now finally yours. Complimentary. 

And wait there’s more.

BONUS #4:  

Access to the Gemini Community ($997)

A closed Facebook group where we share our tips, tricks and secrets with peers that are on the same path as you are.

And man.. The calibre of members we have. 

And wait, there's more.

BONUS #4:  

The Insider’s Guide to Becoming An Insider ($497)

Here’s the true path to the highest impact investment.

You need to be on the ground floor of promising companies with high ceilings.. 

For a mere $1000 investment if you had invested in March 2010… 10 years later you’d enjoy:
  • Amazon: $23,600 (2000% ROI)
  • Disney: $4,600 ($370%)
  • Netflix: $51, 966 (50X!)
Those things are only possible with the right intel, with the right resources within the market.

However you may be thinking…

I’m a nobody, how do I get access to those deals?

Well, we are hardly royalty ourselves. We are self-made.

Yet we’re able to crack the code to networking success.

So with every enrolment of the The Gemini Program, you’ll get the simple system we use to break into the inner circle and cherry-pick from deals with the highest upside with the least capital. 

And wait, there's more.

BONUS #5:  

SPECIAL REPORT: Building Resilience In Times of Crisis ($497)

How do you take advantage of opportunities in a downturn? 

How do you set yourself up for generational wealth when there's 'blood in the streets'?

How to ensure you thrive during difficult times - no matter what the world economy or markets do.

It's all in this in-depth report. And it's included in your package.

And wait, there's more.

BONUS #6:  

SPECIAL RECORDING: How to buy a private business ($2.497)

Private businesses are where the meat and potatoes of real wealth are built.

In this special recording, we show you everything you need to know to buy an existing private business so that you don't have to build it from scratch.

You can then use what we teach in the Gemini Masterclass to make 50 to 100 times your money on it.

And we've saved the best for last...

Here’s our no-strings-attached “GEMINI GEM” guarantee 

In a world filled with snake oil salesmen and charlatans, you don’t want to waste your time on ineffectual, even damaging material. However, we're so confident the Gemini Masterclass can genuinely change your life that we’ll stake our reputation on this  …

Try Gemini, 100% at no risk. If you’re not getting the value gems to change your life… If you still don't reach your goals or possess control over your circumstances… then by all means send it back…and every penny of your purchase will be returned.

Does that sound fair? 

In summary…

Here’s everything you get

  • The never-before-seen Gemini Program -- 12 Billionaire Blueprints to set you up for life ($3,497) + Member’s Area
  • ​Monthly Gemini Q&A Call ($997)
  • BONUS#1 - The Gemini Wealth Calculator ($697)
  • BONUS#2 - The Gemini Braintrust ($2,497)
  • BONUS#3 - Access to the Gemini Community ($997)
  • BONUS#4 - "An Insider’s Guide to Becoming An Insider" SPECIAL REPORT ($497)
  • BONUS#5 - "Building Resilience in Times of Crisis" SPECIAL REPORT ($497)
  • BONUS#6 - How to buy a private business - SPECIAL RECORDING ($2,997)
Total value of package? $11,976.
Today only, it’s yours for only $997.

That’s a massive launch 91% discount!

Why are we doing this? Well, Gemini Masterclass is in Launch Mode and looking for success stories. So we want as many people as possible to enrol in the program so we can create financial freedom together. 

This offer will not be repeated. The generous 91% discount will be pulled down soon and you can’t get it again at any price.

So what are you waiting for?

We urge you...

Let the Gemini Masterclass transform your business into a gold mine, NOW! 

This is one of those watershed moments in your life. Three paths lie before you 

1) You can bury your head in the sand.

Work hard… Persevere… And one day you’ll be successful. Right? WRONG!

In a October 2019 Forbes article, it states 2020 could potentially be the most turbulent in history. It says:

We are vulnerable, and we’ll be lucky to get through the 2020s without major damage.

Let me count the ways according to the article:
  • Paralysed Businesses: Shrinking world trade has left the pie smaller for everyone. 
  • Europe in Tatters: Italy is in recession. Germany has encountered negative GDP for the first time in a decade. 
  • Political Turmoil: Trump 2020? An unresolved Brexit? Those politicians will burn a hole in your market if you’re not careful. 
And that’s not even taking into account the damage Coronavirus has wreaked on the global stage. 

I don’t mean to scare you… However… 

You may very well become a statistic. Stop leaving your future to chance and start preparing for the eventuality itself.

2) You can try to figure all this out on your own. 

And you may jolly well succeed… But only after much excruciating pain and sorrow…

There’s a book called “What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars”. Really, the title really says it all. Jim Paul's meteoric rise took him from a small town in Northern Kentucky to governor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, yet he lost it all―his fortune, his reputation, and his job―in one fatal attack of excessive economic hubris.

Of course, there’s a happy ending of overcoming odds and gaining prosperity.

But the question is – why endure a decade and a half of failure when the secrets of success are all in the Gemini Masterclass? The worst thing is… Jim really just got lucky. 93.4% of investors make unrecoverable losses according to a WSJ Study … So you could be paying such a heavy price… making weighty sacrifices and still have nothing to show for at the end of it all.

3) You can take control of your life 

Imagine… The millions of dollars in your bank balance… The thousands of dollars in your wallet…  The admiring glances coming from jealous onlookers… The confidence in your stride… The exotic places you can travel to.

All this from just one Masterclass… And a negligible 2 hours a week to devour the principles… You’ll become the person you always wanted to be… Powerful… Successful… Leaving an inspiring legacy in the years to come.

Frankly, only one of these choices makes any sense at all. I encourage you--for your own sake--enrol for Gemini Masterclass today.
To secure your copy of Gemini Masterclass ASAP, all you have to do is click on the ADD TO CART button below to gain exclusive access and get started today.

Your Fellow Geminis,

Alex and Wiet
P.S. Remember, the whole system you have read about works. It really does, and we have the track record to prove it. But don't decide today. Take it for a test run and then decide if this course is right for you. If your life hasn’t changed after implementing the 12 Billionaire Blueprints, you can get all your money refunded. 

P.P.S. You know how it is. So often you read, and nod, and then nothing. Most people fail just because they don’t act. Why not take the step now that could transform your destiny? Why not take the plunge to become one of the top 0.1% of the world’s population.

What have you got to lose? What’s stopping you?

Remember… This offer is only going to be offered for a limited time only at the special launch price of $997… After this… we're going to quietly raise the prices. So you’ve been forewarned. This is your chance to do something that can break you away from the pack and be a winner in this game called life.

P.P.P.S. Face it: The world is in shambles.

A recession is imminent. The Euro-zone is on fire. China has sneezed and the world has caught the flu.

This means your business lifespan is in the balance.  Your closely-held assets are not safe.

And if that doesn’t get you, a younger, hungrier upstart will. The new unemployed are getting into business for themselves because there’s no decent alternatives – almost like zombies swarming over the one lone piece of human flesh.

Therefore, there comes a day when you need to make a decision

Do I put my head in the sand and hope things will blow over? Am I content to be a victim of circumstance?

Or do I shout from the rooftops, “I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore”, and get off my behind and do something about it?

The Answer is Obvious, Isn’t It?

So what are you waiting for?
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